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    Top 10 Upcoming New SUV in India 2023

    A lot of SUVs were introduced in 2022. The most popular vehicles among Indian purchasers during the year were crossovers and small SUVs. To establish a significant position in the SUV market, many automakers are anticipated to expand their SUV line-ups in 2023. Most of them might be from companies like Jeep, MG, and others. The following is a list of all the upcoming SUV in India in 2023.

    What Sets an SUV Apart From a Hatchback?

    Compared to a hatchback, the best SUVs in India are raised off the ground because of improved suspension. It could be described as having a greater ground clearance or ride height. You get a better vision of the road because you sit taller than in a subcompact or saloon. Some people find sitting up high feels better.

    Due to their enormous, box-like design, SUVs in India usually offer greater passenger and baggage space than hatchbacks or sedans. Many large SUVs even have seven seats, but larger sedans or mansions only have five.

    The Complete List of Upcoming SUV in India in 2023 Is Provided Below

    1. Dodge Avenger

    The Jeep Avenger SUV is anticipated to be an upcoming SUV in March 2023. The vehicle might be equipped with a 1.2-liter Citroen C3 gasoline engine. Magnite, Brezza, Nexon, Sonet, and other brands will compete. The Avenger is anticipated to cost between Rs. 8 lakh and Rs. 12 lakh.

    2. Maruti Jimny

    According to rumors, SUV new launch from Maruti is developing a five-door Jimny for the Indian market. The new launch SUV car has frequently been seen in India while being tested. It is anticipated to debut during the 2023 Auto Expo.

    3. Tata Harrier / Safari facelift

    The Harrier and Safari from Tata may also have facelift variations. The facelift variations may include a larger touchscreen, ADAS, and a 360-degree camera. Tata might introduce both vehicles at the 2023 Auto Expo, similar to Hyundai.

    4. Nissan X-Trail

    The Nissan X-Trail is renowned for its numerous amenities and brash look. Although the launch date is unknown, this upcoming SUV in India might be displayed during the 2023 Auto Expo.

    5. Honda HR-V

    By the middle of 2023, this five-seat SUV is anticipated to debut in India. The vehicle will compete against the Maruti Brezza, Kia Seltos, and Hyundai Creta.

    6. MG Hector Facelift

    The MG Hector Facelift is expected to go on the market in January 2023, per sources. In addition to a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, the vehicle also features a 1.5-liter gasoline-hybrid powertrain and a 2.0-liter diesel motor.

    7. Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

    Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace is scheduled to debut in January 2023. The Volkswagen Tiguan 2022’s powertrain and design cues will be used in this vehicle.

    8. Force Gurkha

    The new Force Gurkha-5 door is set to premiere in India, according to spy photos. Similar to the current Gurkha, the SUV has an imprinted design. We anticipate it will have the same turbodiesel 2.6-liter engine.

    9. Mahindra Bolero Neo Plus

    The Mahindra Bolero Neo Plus, which offers more capacity and additional cabin area, is a larger version of the current Bolero Neo. The vehicle should accommodate 7-9 passengers. The Mahindra Bolero Neo Plus is anticipated to have the same engine choice and drivetrain as the Thar.

    10. Toyota Fortuner Next-Gen

    One SUV that sells the best in India is the Toyota Fortuner. The company will shortly introduce the new Fortuner.

    Exactly Why Are Suvs So Well-Liked?

    SUVs have significantly increased in value over the past two decades or more. They are popular as family vehicles, and many people prefer them to more traditional models like estate cars and MPVs. There are various reasons why SUVs are so common, and they are frequently more capacious and expensive when contrasted to an SUV or hatchback of a similar size. That’s why we have compiled a list of 2023 upcoming SUV in India.

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