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    Top 5 UPI Apps in India and Why Should You Use Them

    UPI is built on the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) platform. With UPI apps, you can send and receive money from anyone with a UPI-enabled bank account. It is fast, convenient, and safe.

    UPI payment app is also beneficial in making online payments. You can use UPI to pay for your online shopping, utility bills, movie tickets, etc. Overall, UPI is a great way to make payments. If you haven’t tried UPI, you should try it. Here are some of the best UPI apps in India

    • Google Pay

    Google Pay was formally known as the Tez app, and it is one of the best UPI apps in India. Within a brief period, Google Pay has accrued a broad base of consumers in India. And the successful brand awareness of the company has also significantly contributed to gaining the trust of the wide consumer base. In 2020, Google Pay had processed 960.02 million transactions for Rs 1,61,418.19 crore, and the number is increasing every day. 

    • PhonePe

    Another best UPI Payment app in India has gained consumers’ trust with its high-quality service. It is a groundbreaking app that has prompted the Indian public to trust and, more importantly, make online mobile banking. PhonePe facilitates UPI payments and allows users to recharge, order food, pay online bills, and shop. Starting from 2021, PhonePe has processed 868.40 million transactions for Rs 1,75,453.85 crore. 

    • Paytm 

    Paytm is also a well-known UPI app in India. Along with the mobile payment process, it also offers services as a digital wallet. Paytm users may do practically anything connected to digital payments through the app. As a result, it is the most widely used UPI app in India, ranking third on the list of the top UPI apps. It supports transactions for various requirements such as ticket booking for IRCTC trains, LIC premium payment, paying e-challans, etc. 

    • Amazon Pay

    Every individual, either in India or in other countries, trusts the name Amazon, one of the lead e-commerce brands in the global market. Considering the vast consumer base of the company, Amazon started its own UPI payment method on 14th February 2019. Amazon Pay received 37.15 million UPI payments with a total value of Rs 3,624.51 crore.

    • BHIM Pay 

    BHIM UPI app is quite underrated, considering its service quality and facilities. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) launched this UPI app and managed it. It enables users to initiate easy, safe, and instant digital payments via smartphones. The BHIM App has processed 0.31 million payments worth Rs 13.87 crore.

    All of these UPI apps have their own features and benefits that you are required to explore. Different people use different UPI apps as per their convenience.

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