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    Villfood: Superstar Millionaire Great Grandma of Bengal


    Pushparani Sarkar, the Bengali grandma named as dear to millions of people over the planet now because of her superhit rural traditional Bengali recipes with self-made spices on her channel on YouTube named as “Villfood”. People always impatiently wait for her new and latest videos which are favored by millions of viewers. 

    Near about 4,000 numbers of videos have already been posted but the mystery question remains unsolved-whether the viewers connect with the sentiment of the relationship with the grandparents or with the lost recipes. The family is from a very small village Illambazar, Birbhum near Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India.

    Background of grandma channel

    Kajal Sarkar, the Grandson of Pushaparani Sarkar said that he used to spend most of his time on YouTube watching recipes from home and abroad. There are multiple channels available for the same on YouTube but for the typical Bengali traditional food, he could not find any recipe for Bengali cooking in a remote village. So the idea of creating their own YouTube channel came to his mind.

    The art of uniqueness

    The uniqueness of her channel is about the rural Bengal simple recipes are cooked in the clay oven in the village surroundings below the sky. Usually, they reintroduce the dishes which have been forgotten once popular in Bengal also the households of rural areas, some dishes are dated back to over decades like desi koi, steamed Hilsa, Masala papad, Dahi Fish, raw banana kofta pickle, Phuchka, Curd Mutton, and many more. All the raw and basic materials are received from farmlands and most of the spices are self-made using “Batan”(Having a flat stone for grinding, used in rural INDIA).

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    Grandma and her super simplicity

    An 82 years old lady, Pushparani wearing a simple cotton white Saree in Bengali traditional style. She informed the audience that She loves to cook from her childhood but has never thought that people will recognize her for cooking. She acknowledged her two grandchildren Sudipta and Kajal, for spreading all of her cooking videos worldwide. She empathically asked her watchers who do not understand the language,” just watch the video”. After tasting the delicious natural superfood Pusparani delivers a quasi-divine smile in front of the camera and asks people to like, subscribe and share her channel so that they can get notifications of the new recipes. She expressed her sorrow that she could not help her fans to taste her prepared foods but she said that by seeing her videos, and following the steps she made the followers can get the same taste of the dishes.

    Some of her most popular catches

    Some of her most liked catches are ‘Shaak-Seddho-Khuder-Bhaat’ – (a dish of winter breakfast with leafy vegetables and broken boiled rice), Masala Papad (spice with fries), a dish which is made of Indian pennywort- ’Thankuni Patar Chochhori’, steamed Hilsa with mustered- ‘IlishBhapa’, a dish of eggplant and eggs- ‘Dim-Beguner Jhol’, Koi fish steamed wrapped with gourd leaves-‘Laupatai Bhape koi Seddho’and many more.


    Today, the number of subscribers to the channel is more than 1.5 million (it keeps on growing). Her channel Villifood is hailing from the UK, US, Afghanistan, Germany, Japan,  Bangladesh, Canada, and other countries apart from India also. This global reach has made Pushparani a YouTube millionaire. They do have a Facebook page that has more than 4 lakh likes. Although, from the youtube videos they receive most of the approximate annual income of at least Rs 8-10 lakh come. Digital media outsourcing made the grandma a “Super face” of WestBengal.

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