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    What Are the Essential Features of a Video Meeting Platform?

    Video meetings and calls have become an integral part of every business organization as it has been fostering efforts to stay connected with each other during the pandemic. Whether it is about connecting with your relatives and friends or conducting a team meeting, online video call is indispensable these days. More about the video meeting platform features in the paragraphs that follow.

    Features of Zoho video call platform 

    Check out aspects of this video calling platform-

    • Multiple video feeds 

    With Zoho, as many as 300 participants can take part in a single video conferencing session with the help of various video feeds. There can be 25 video feeds simultaneously that you can see on the screen. 

    • Secure video meeting

    Zoho video call is secure, and this video conferencing platform offers adequate privacy. Before the web camera gets active, Zoho Meeting will seek your permission before the video is transmitted. With the help of DTLS-SRTP encryption, your video and audio meetings are secured. The best part about the Zoho meeting is that it uses TLS protocol version 1.2, and the platform also uses certificates issued by SHA 256.

    • Cost-effective 

    A free video call app will help cut the operating costs that you would have to incur on employee travel. Using these video call platforms will allow your employees to connect and stay in the loop with your co-workers. Zoho’s affordable cost will offer quality connectivity for all small businesses. It is one of the better online video call solutions. 

    • Free trial period

    Zoho also offers free call video solutions for its users. There is a limited trial period beyond which you can opt for different plans as per your requirement. 

    • Chat and screen sharing benefit

    If you have prepared a presentation for your office, you can share the screen for the visual representation on your screen. Links can also be sent to individual participants through the chat feature. Meeting sessions can also be recorded if you want to use them for reference in the future. 

    • Helps in working from home

    During the pandemic, offices that had opened for a brief period following a reduction in coronavirus cases have shut down again due to a surge in covid-19 infections. As such, remote working has resumed. Working from home can be hassle-free and streamlined with an excellent communication video call platform, and the presence of screen sharing features, among others, makes working from home easier. 

    Selecting the right online video call platform

    Since many platforms in the market cater to similar requirements, settling for the best one often becomes tricky. However, the app that will offer the most benefits and features and suit your business requirement and budget must be incorporated into your business tools. 

    It is understandable from the above discussion that a video meeting platform comes with several essential features and benefits to consider. You are allowed to utilize such a platform whenever you want.

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