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    What is Super App – Essential Nuances of One

    Before moving on to the finer aspects of a super app, let us understand its concept first. It is an umbrella term that denotes an entire ecosystem of services revolving around the daily needs of an individual using a single or an integrated platform or interface.

    Services offered by third parties are integrated into the interface or the ecosystem. The ecosystem uses a large amount of data to connect with the clients so that these third-party service providers can extend a wide range of services, products, and experiences to end-users.

    What are super apps and their key elements?

    A super app becomes one in the true sense, provided it can maintain specific standards. While a super app offers enormous potential for earning revenue, it will become popular among consumers only if they abide by a particular benchmark of good fundamental development and testing.

    They must embrace the latest trends and characteristics in the marketplace and those consumers can relate to or need. As such, the super app developing companies must consider the following-

    1. Inclusivity

    This implies that the app must always work for all groups of customers. Removing all obstacles that hamper a good experience must be addressed well.

    2. Data privacy

    Safeguarding customers’ data is the first step to winning the trust of an app and not just a super app. Regions like Canada, the United States, and Europe emphasize significantly protecting data. So, developers of this unique app must consider the same.

    3. Social responsibility

    Fulfilling responsibilities is not just enough; how you do, it counts. If you are offering services that happen to be popular, harms the environment, and leaves many carbon footprints, the service provided will not make sense. Much more than whether a super app is extending valuable service, it is more important to consider how the service is being offered. So, the developers of the super app must consider this.

    Remember, a country can be considered ready for a super app only when its population, the larger part, uses a smartphone compared to desktops. The app must be customized to address local needs.

    Since India is one such country, super apps in India are rising. Aside from being a reliable avenue for generating revenue for super app developing companies, the users can access different kinds of services in one ecosystem. Apart from this, the developers can harness a huge bank of customer data that helps them tap into the potentialities of user behavior better and develop products in accordance.

    More on it

    TenCent, the Chinese conglomerate, initially started its app WeChat offering messaging services and later included other services like hotel reservations, medical consultation, games, virtual or payment wallets, etc. Others that have become popular include-

    • Careem in Dubai
    • Tata in India
    • Uber, Grab, Gojek
    • Yandex Go

    Common features of super app services include the following-

    1. Payments and financial services

    • Mobile payments
    • Cashless payment
    • Insurance
    • Investment platforms
    • Loans and credit
    • QR code payment and rewards

    2. Retail services

    • Grocery ordering
    • Ticket booking
    • Hotel booking
    • E-pharmacies
    • Transportation
    • Allied E-commerce services

    3. Miscellaneous services

    • Messaging
    • Calling
    • Job search
    • Rentals
    • Real estate
    • Cloud storage
    • Entertainment (video and music), to name just a few.

    Super app tends to be very useful and effective in providing a hoard of services and facilities in a single app set-up.

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