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    Here Are Some Great Free Video Calling apps

    Video chatting programs have proven a godsend in situations where meeting in person may be dangerous. Free video calling apps for Android with effective compression methods and high-speed internet access have entirely transformed the game. Not all video calling programs, however, are created equal. As a result, these are top and the free video calling apps.

    Top Video Calling Apps for Aree

    • Skype

    Skype is a top free video calling app with over one billion installations on Google Play. It was Skype that first presented us all with a free online video calling app. It’s a multi-platform solution with native programs for most platforms, including the PC. The Android app isn’t quite as excellent as the PC version, but it has a lot of valuable functions. Video calls may be made to a group of up to 25 individuals. Skype also has a free text chat option that allows users to exchange audio messages, emoticons, images, and emojis, among other things.

    • Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger is popular, and many people trust the software. It may be freely downloaded on iOS, Android, and any web browser linked to one’s Facebook account. Facebook Messenger is a simple application to use, and users have complete control over how they connect, send texts, or initiate a video conversation. One can do a lot with Facebook Messenger, including making group video calls, sending emojis, stickers, and GIFs, taking photographs and videos with creative art and effects, playing games, and so on.

    • JusTalk

    JusTalk, which is accessible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, is one software that is slowly gaining popularity among iOS users. All contacts should have the JusTalk app installed on their iOS device to make free video calls. This is comparable to other applications that demand all users download the app. One can invite contacts who do not have the app on their iDevice.

    • Google Hangouts

    Google Hangouts is a video chat program that comes included with a free version of Gmail. Anyone with a Google account, paid or free, may talk with anyone. One could also video-call more than 25 people in one go, using effects such as putting on a false hat or performing a sound effect. Google Hangouts is compatible with most mobile and desktop browsers. It’s just a click away in Gmail, and users get a Google Hangouts link anytime users create a new Google Calendar appointment so that users can jump on a call right away. It’s ideal for business calls as well as personal conversations.

    • WhatsApp

    Whatsapp is among the most popular free video calling app, and it’s also one of the finest Android video calling apps. It is cross-platform, and millions of video calls are made every day on Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones worldwide. The calling function is simple and easy to use; simply open the contact users want to call and hit the video call icon.

    You have the option to use any of these video calling apps according to your needs and demands. These come with several features and benefits.

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