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    How to Make the Perfect Rangoli Design for Diwali?

    Diwali is the festival of lights. It is vibrantly celebrated in India with great pomp and show. Not to mention, it is also enthusiastically observed all around the world. Diwali symbolises the triumph of light over evil and darkness. There are various traditions, practices, and customs associated with Diwali. Among these customs, crafting Rangoli is the most popular one. Rangoli is nothing but colourful and intricate patterns created on floors or other surfaces using different colours. Read on to explore more on rangoli design for Diwali.

    Delving into Rangoli Design for Diwali

    The Sanskrit word ‘Rangavalli’ is the origin of the word Rangoli, which is a traditional art form. In this art form, flower petals, rice, coloured powders, and other materials create vibrant and intricate patterns. These Rangoli designs have been an essential part of ancient Indian culture for thousands of years.

    Apart from increasing the aesthetic value of your home, Rangoli designs also invite Goddess Lakshmi to bestow her blessings. And Goddess Lakshmi is the deity of prosperity and wealth, so these designs hold special significance. Hence, creating a rangoli design for Diwali is associated with culture, devotion, and tradition.

    Select Proper Materials

    Before proceeding to crafting rangoli design, it is essential to choose suitable materials for the job. Generally, people use coloured powder, flower petals, coloured rice, and other vibrant products to create rangoli. So you have the option to use similar materials, or you can use different materials of your preferred choice.

    Design Inspiration

    Once you have gathered the design materials, you must choose the design patterns to make Diwali rangoli. You can either select a geometric design or freehand design as per your choice and preference. Some people also take their rangoli design inspirations from traditional designs. It can also include motifs and symbols associated with various festivals or celebrations. Some popular designs are peacocks, Swastikas, lotus flowers, oil lamp, etc. These add elegance and depth to your rangoli design.

    How to Create a Beautiful Rangoli?

    Once you have the necessary materials and chosen design, then you can proceed to create your rangoli. Here is the step-by-step guide that you can follow in this regard.

    • Prepare the Floor or Surface

    First, make the floor (or surface) smooth and clean where you will create the rangoli. Using a clean cloth or cardboard will be helpful for this job.

    • Outline the Rangoli Design

    Now, you need to outline the rangoli design that you are going to create. To do this, you can use a pencil or chalk. Be careful to maintain symmetry while designing the outline.

    • Fill the Colours

    Once the outlining is done, you should fill in your preferred colours. There are many colour materials that you can use in this regard, such as coloured powder, flower petals, sand or coloured rice, etc. Be patient and precise while filling in the colour to create a fantastic rangoli.

    • Focus on Details

    It is essential to focus on details if you wish your rangoli to be eye-catching and unique. Including finer details and embellishments will make the Rangoli design unique. Using contrasting colours is a good strategy.

    • Light it Up

    To give your rangoli a Diwali touch, you can place candles or oil lamps around the rangoli design to make it even more attractive. This will altogether create a mesmerizing effect in your rangoli design for Diwali.


    It is a tradition to create rangoli design for Diwali. Good rangoli designs make your abode aesthetically amazing, vibrant, and unique. These days, you can even get customised readymade rangoli stickers to stick on the floor or walls. If you do not want to put your effort into making actual rangoli, then you can buy these stickers.

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